We ACT to help animals in need


Alexa’s Canine Trust came into being in Jan 2022. We are a small volunteer led charity consisting of 6 Trustees and at present 11 volunteers.

The charity is named after the indomitable Alexa Nisbet who has been involved in animal welfare in the Northeast for well over 30 years during which time, she was awarded an MBE for her efforts.

Our focus is the rescue and rehoming of dogs into loving homes, but we also want to help as many animals and their owners as we can. We know for instance that many homeless people will not seek medical advice for fear that if they must go into hospital, they will lose their dog. We aim to support these people with kennelling costs or finding a short-term foster carer so that they do not need to fear the loss of their companion. Another example is perhaps a person who is the subject of domestic abuse and finds that although the family can obtain shelter, they cannot take their family pet with them. This can be devastating, especially for children who are already in a stressful and emotive environment.

Again, we will try and help to support them until a home can be found and they can be reunited with their pet. Or it may be that someone cannot afford a particularly high vet bill, depending on the circumstance we will offer support. Last, but by no means least we will help other animal charities in the event of an emergency if required.

We hope that you approve of our charities aims and if you would like to help, please find out how, here.

Vision, Mission, and Values


To ensure animals are provided with the best possible care, find loving permanent homes and to help responsible and caring owners keep their pets.


To support animal owners to keep their pets through difficult times. To improve animal welfare in the Northeast through education and support. To rescue and rehome as many dogs as we can within the Northeast. To partner with other charities with similar values as our own to achieve our vision and mission.


  1. We are non-judgemental.
  2. We will treat everyone with compassion and empathy.
  3. We are flexible.
  4. We will endeavour to find the right homes for animals in our care.
  5. We will listen.


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