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Things to consider before rehoming a dog/pet

Animals are expensive!

A dog or cat could be with you for over 12 years during which time which time it needs feeding and veterinarian care. Some estimates of dog ownership are as high as £27K. These costs are made up of insurance, food, bets fees, grooming, equipment etc. The list is not exhaustive.

So, we ask that you think very carefully before committing to a dog/pet ownership.

Other questions to consider are:

1 A dog needs exercise and mental stimulus on a daily basis. Are you able to provide these needs?

2 Are you going to be experiencing a life changing event e.g., Wedding, moving house, a new baby, holiday? If yes, this is not the ideal time to get a pet. Wait until things have settled down and then revaluate.

3 How many hours will the dog be on its own? The recommended maximum is 4 hours so if it is longer than this then you need to consider a dog walker of day boarding.

4 Are you prepared to walk your dog in sun, wind, hail, and snow?

5 Do you have the patience and commitment to allow a dog to settle in your home. In some cases, are you happy to house train a dog?

6 Are there young children in the house? Is your home the right environment for a pet at this time?

Rehoming a dog

To start the rehoming process, please contact our rehoming team on 07876647118

When we think we have found a dog that is right for you we will contact you for a quick chat.

If after talking with us, you wish to go ahead with the first steps in the adoption process then we will be complete an adoption enquiry form.

If we think you are a good match for each other, we will ask you when you are free so that you can meet your possible new best friend.

If we think that you may not be the best match we will explain why and let you know of any other dogs we have available for rehoming, and which may be a better fit for you and your family.

We may ask you to meet the dog several times. This may include taking the dog for walks etc. This is also the time that you should have any other dogs and any other family members with you to meet the new dog. We want to make sure everyone is happy with the decision.

Providing everyone is happy and you wish to continue to adopt your chosen dog, we will arrange to do a home visit. During this time the dog will be reserved so no one else will be able to adopt him/her. We may also ask you to take the dog home for a day to see how everyone interacts within a home environment.

Providing the checks have been successful and you still want to adopt, then we will ask you to complete our adoption paperwork. Once completed you can take your chosen new friend home for a 7-day home trial. During the trial you may ring our rehoming team for any advice and support you feel you may need. Once the trial has been completed and you are happy then then all paperwork will be signed off and the dog becomes yours.

Please note: your dog will either have had all necessary injections and been neutered and spayed. If not, then we will arrange a visit to our vets so that all necessary procedures are carried out. Failure to do so will result in the dog being taken back into our care.

Adoption fees are £150 per dog but we may alter the fee if a dog is old or has a medical condition.

Giving up a dog

For whatever reason you must give up your dog we know it is never easy. What we know is that we will never judge you and you will be treated with sympathy.

As we don’t have kennels and only rehome via a foster-based network, we will not always be able to take your dog immediately.

Before we take your dog, it would be helpful for your dog to have been neutered/spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped as these speed up the rehoming process.

We will ask you to give your permission for your dog’s medical records to be released to us prior to intake and you will be required to complete and sign a relinquishment form.

We will always endeavour to make the process as stress free as we can for both you and your dog.

Lost dogs

Please contact the animal welfare team at Northumberland County Council to enquire whether your dog has been handed into them.

Tel number 0345 6006400

Found dogs

We cannot accept any found dogs by law. You must contact Northumberland County Council animal welfare services.

Tel number 0345 6006400

Concern about an animal’s welfare

If you are concerned for the welfare of a dog or other animal, please ring Northumberland County Council animal welfare (Tel number above ) or contact the RSPCA on Tel no 0300 1234999. Lines are open 7 days a week, 7am-10pm.

Lost cats

The good news is most cats return home!

If your cat is missing look around your immediate area first – sheds, next door, cars etc, cats are very inquisitive, and it may have found a nice hiding area.

If you cat has not returned after 24 hours consider putting notices up around your local area (always include a photo).

Check your local vets.

Put a plea out on Facebook

Check with any local charities

Register your cat on a national lost pet database (google for more info)

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